PTU Regular and Reappear exam form filling started online

PTU Examination December 2011

PTU has started the process of filling up of online examination form for December 2011 exams which will start in end of November 2011. For DateSheet of PTU Examination December 2011,follow this link:

Here is a step by step guide on how to fill the examination form so that you don’t commit a mistake while filling it up:

1.) Open up and fill in your login details and click on login button using your mouse.

(Note:Its advised not to use Enter button as its not working for logging in)



2.) Click on Fill-Regular Examination form link from drop down menu as shown in image below:


3.)  Check if the subjects are being shown properly and all are correct.Then click on Select all and then on Add Courses button as shown in image:

4.) Wait for it to add all courses and then you need to lock all subjects by marking all compulsory subjects and then click on lock it. (Note:You can add only a maximum of 10 subjects.)

5.) After locking all the subjects,click on Print and Download button to download the examination form.

Q. What if I locked PTU Examination subjects incorrectly?

Sol. In case you have locked PTU examination subjects incorrectly,contact the officials/professors (whose name shows up when you are locking subjects) in your department to get choices unlocked again .

Last Date for Submitting Exam Form:

Note: You need to submit PTU Regular Exam December 2011 form on or before 21-10-2011 and PTU Reappear form on or before 29-10-2011 in your respective institute/college.Dates may change without any prior notice.

Congrats you have finished the easy part.Now lets get to the hard one.Open up your books and get back to studies!

PTU Examination December 2011 fee details which you need to deposit in your institution/college and more details will be added here soon.So don’t forget to subscribe to us.

Best of Luck!

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  1. wtz the last dat fr LEET studnet 3rd sem

  2. @upinder :it should be almost same,still you should inquire in your concerned department

  3. sikandar chaudhary says:

    when is going to be from fill up of BBA 3 sem Maths(backpaper)in 2012….please rply

  4. i have notfill regular form can i get year back in ptu

  5. parteek rishi says:

    my login was not successful…..password is correct….help plzzz

  6. my login was not successful…..password is correct….help plzzz

  7. I have filled up my examination form and submitted..and there is problem in fathers name in to correct it

  8. fire science back

  9. fire science

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