UGC NET June 2012 exam unfair cut off and result- What should you do

Injustice by UGC

For the last few days all we can see everywhere is many candidates who appeared for the National Eligibility Test (NET) 2012 saying that they have been duped by UGC. As per the reports, National Eligibility Test (NET) results were made online over the official website on 18th September, 2012 and next to this the UGC allegedly have changed the Test’s qualification norms for the general category candidates and made an aggregate of 65 per cent for all three of the NET’s papers to become eligible for lectureship.

Click here For Supreme Court’s Decision on UGC NET Unfair Criteria

Several candidates are planning to move the Court against the supposed post-result alteration of the Test’s qualification norms by the authority. And we are going to tell you how!

Here are the 6 steps to do it the right way:

First step

The first step would be, not to file a suit right away but try to settle the matter with the UGC officials. Here are some of whom you can contact:

Prof. Ved Prakash
Chairman (Actg.)

University Grants Commission
Tel: 23234019,23239659
Fax: 23239659

Shri Ashok Thakur
Ministry of Human Resource Development
( Department of Higher Education )
New Delhi- 110001
Tel: 23386451,23382698,
E-mail :
Fax: 23385807

Smt, Anjuly Chib Duggal
Additional Secretary
Department of Expenditure
Ministry of Finance
Room No.142-B,North Block
New Delhi-110001

for a more complete list visit:

Second Step

If no reply is forthcoming from the UGC officials, its time to get your guns going. Get an attorney who is willing to fight your case. State your problems carefully and concisely. As lawyers are expensive, it would be wise for a number of candidates to come together and jointly fight the case. Unlike popular belief, you can’t file a Public Interest Litigation in this case. PILs are for cases more massive and grave than this.

Third Step

File a case in the Delhi High Court as UGC comes under Delhi Court’s jurisdiction. As soon as the case is accepted, appeal for a stay order on UGC’s working on the NET results.  This must be done as usually within 30 days of the result declaration, UGC destroys the OMR sheets, So the case should be filed immediately with the appeal that Court must direct UGC not to destroy OMR sheets till final decision of the court. It is better to join the NET applicants of all the subjects.

Fourth Step

The appeal may be presented before the court with following points:

  1. From so many years the qualifying marks were 50%, which were further reduced to 45% by the UGC.
  2. This time also UGC declared that the qualifying marks for PAPER 1 and paper 2 will be 40 % and for Paper 3 will be 50%. So the qualifying marks should be 50% only.
  3. They can reduce their standard by 5% as they used to do earlier. They cant raise the limit above 50% in any case.
  4. Declaring 65% as qualifying marks is sheer cheating by the UGC, and injustice to thousand of candidates.
  5. Whatever be criteria it has to told before collecting exam fee and conducting the tests. The UGC cannot change horses in midstream.

Fifth Step

Proper evidence must be provided to back up the claims made in the suit. This can include brochures, Exam Papers, Press notices issued by UGC containing the selection criterion, etc. This evidence must be submitted along with the suit.

Sixth Step

Once all the above steps have been completed and the suit filed, the next step is to wait for the hearing date and attend the court hearings. Most of the work here will be done by the lawyer but still the presence of the suit filer is expected. Once the judge gives his/her judgment, depending on the judgment, the filer may have the provision to appeal once again in a higher court, i.e, the Supreme Court if he/she is dissatisfied with this judgment. Even there, a second appeal may be made but the filer has to accept the decision of the court and withdraw his/her case.

So there it is. All that you require to file a suit against UGC for what you have been wronged. Best of luck with the suit, and keep us updated should anyone decide to do this.


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  1. a big thank you … special request to Delhites to move the steps as it is difficult for people like me in North east…and kindly updates and do let us know if needed anyways…

  2. thank u so much……………………………

  3. pl do something for the same.Im a general candidate from Kerala,with 64.74 % overall total in Computer Science and Applications.It is impossible for candidates like me to file case in Delhi court..Pl Dlhites,on behalf of people like it..

  4. deep chowdhury says:

    The above mentioned lines are absolute true. I have personally prepared a letter and I am going to apply for the Rti Act under U/S.6. Has anyone seen the anwer keys where instead of the answers it is written as x.
    It is clearly injustice towards the candidates.I request to all the students to put their foots strong and apply for the rti act.Almost in all the subjects they have put X.And what about the students who have scored marks between 60% to 65%.Are they not eligible.?

  5. Ausaf Ahmad says:

    I am also suffering from ugc injustice towards the candidates. please do something……………

  6. students in kerala have already taken steps to sue ugc. in high court .lawyer is kaleeshwaran raj .anyone ti known more on case contact adv

  7. dear all

    kindly updated/ communicate to each -other regarding this ugc case.
    it is very essential to all of us.

    Kindly see this link:

    or mail to

    hope we’ll win this battle against UGC

  8. There is a facebook group already.

  9. Monaj Gorkela the supreme court lawyer is the best in india contact him 08800203555

  10. gurdeep singh says:

    I m totaly upsat b’coj injustice criteria of ugc, im general candidate my total % 63.95%, i got 66.67%in paper 3rd,
    but my roll no. is not found in result so i wana justice, pl helpn suggest me.

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